Our Story

We Make Everything Better


New Residential


Over 320
Acres of Land


3 Million
Square Feet


Over 120
Acres of Rehabilitated
Environmental Habitat

We Make Everything Better

Epic is a passionate team devoted to Delivering Better. With 20 years in business and a portfolio of over 2000 new homes, we have made the new home building and buying experience better.

Our Brand Promise

From development and construction to sales and post-occupancy care, we prioritize our customers at every stage. We promise to be on trend, on time, and on your side.


A passion for product, process, and design. We work hard to ensure we incorporate the latest trends and technologies into our new homes that maximize value to the end user. With the aid of our team of skilled trades, suppliers, and designers, we curate the very latest in what you can see, and what is behind the walls.

This ongoing effort ensures that we continually advance and integrate these elements into our homes and communities.


We understand that planning is crucial when buying a new home, which is why we take it seriousl. When we deliver an occupancy date, it doesn’t change. You can book your move, make your arrangements, and know with confidence this is your move-in day.

We deliver on our promises.


We are a team of passionate individuals who own the process, from construction to sales, to post occupancy customer care. We lead you through your customer journey, providing clarity of the process with regular updates, detailed preoccupancy orientations, post occupancy customer care. We are accessible and take ownership of your satisfaction.

Our homes and community are our legacy; this is why our homes are built by people who truly care.